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Posted on October 23rd, 2015

Could all parents and ninjas please register as members of our Dojo?

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CoderDojo @ The Warehouse #7 (by Mika)

Posted on October 19th, 2015

Unfortunately, there was no blog up last week. We are sorry about that, especially as it was the first Dojo for Zuming Yap, Ella, Edward, Phelim, Matthew and Odhrán.

This week there was once again LOADS… happening.

We welcomed a few new ninjas: Dáire, Cillian, and James as well as two new tutors: Benedict for the SCRATCH group and Ying Feng for the App Inventor group.

Also  this week the Apps4Gaps 2015 was announced. It is a competition for the best 3 working mobile or web apps and the best 3 concepts for apps. The idea is that you work as a team to create your app or your concept and many people were hard at work brainstorming and coding their apps.

Meanwhile over at SCRATCH the new people were installing the software and getting started. The more advanced ninjas were continuing to animate their name, including Julia who was way ahead and was making her project interactive.

Over at the Python group, they were drawing using the pen function in Turtle and making different pictures.

Meanwhile, I was the only one in the JavaScript group and I was working on a chatroom with Brian using a tutorial on

Finn at the apps was making a game for the competition which is based around bacteria inside the human body. Others were making apps that included a sound generator and a virtual box.

The people at HTML were learning to use bootstrap framework for making websites.

Meanwhile at the projects Harvey was getting a Raspberry Pi to work with motion sensors, Jasper was making an Arduino car, Patrick finished his JS game and started a website in HTML, Maciej worked on a remote administration toolkit and Stephen was working on a Raspberry Pi setup box.

Just so everyone knows, there is no CoderDojo next week because of the bank holiday, but there is a session on Halloween and you can come dressed up!

Have a nice mid-term break and see you in two weeks!

Tickets for October 10th

Posted on October 5th, 2015

Tickets for CoderDojo Dublin @ The Warehouse on Saturday, October 10th are available now on EventBrite. Registration closes at midnight on Friday.

When booking please enter the parent/guardian details for the ticket buyer and the child details for the attendees.

CoderDojo @ The Warehouse #5 (by Mika)

Posted on October 4th, 2015

It has been a very busy Saturday at the Warehouse!

We warmly welcomed three new Ninjas: Jenny, Callum and Senan as well as a new tutor Alan.

The Scratch group was making their way through all the official tutorials with Michael. Callum made a brilliant animation of his name.

The people at the apps table were continuing the MIT App Inventor tutorials prepared by Rene, except Patrick and Nathan, who are already more advanced and were experimenting with an app using the camera on a phone.

Meanwhile, at JavaScript Jack and me continued the simple Tic Tac Toe game we started last week with Brian.

Everyone over at the projects group was working on their own thing. They do really awesome stuff, just to mention Ben’s 3D JavaScript, Patrick’s snake java, Stephen’s app to control your computer TV and Finbar’s social net.

Alex, who was doing HTML was working on a website which will be published next week and the Python group was working with Trinket.

During the break some of us got involved in a big game of

We hope to have just as much going on next week!

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