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Coder Dojo @ The Warehouse #11

Posted on November 23rd, 2015

It was a rather unusual Dojo today because we shared the space with the official launch of Hello Bezlo project. People from Hello Bezlo are on the mission to join fashion, technology and creativity and the event was really fun! See the pics below.

Besides, we worked on our projects and tutorials as usual. We are happy to have new Ninjas – Alexandru, who joined the JavaScript group as well asbrothers Justin and Bryan, who started from Scratch. 🙂

We were announced the date of the Coolest Project Awards, which  is 28 May, 2016 in RDS Dublin. It is an open competition and last year over 500 Ninjas from all over Europe took part in it.  It was a huge success for our Dojo; Maciej and Harvey took the top prizes in the Hardware and Evolution categories and we had three runners up – Stephen (Evolution category) and Maebh and Eabha (Scratch).

So, we have very high hopes for 2016…

See you!

Hello Bezlo Launch Party:

Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando Hello Bezzlo launch at Zalando

Matthew’s project.

Posted on November 19th, 2015

Here we have the first video on our website!

Matthew from the Python group recorded his fabulous project using Camtasia Studio screen recorder.

Watch and enjoy!



Coder Dojo @ The Warehouse #10 (by Mika)

Posted on November 19th, 2015

Once again, we very warmly welcome many new ninjas: Ciaran, Arthur, Daniel, Sophia and Paul. We also have Eabhann coming back. Some of us may remember him way back from Science Gallery. They were all for SCRATCH, but we also had another new ninja, Oisin, who joined Python.

The SCRATCH group was really big today and they all seem to have fabulous fun. The new ninjas made their first steps and the advanced ones continued to work on their own projects.

        Python was with Sean again this week and they were working with Raspberry Pis. They set them for networking.

        The App Inventor group had no mentor this week, but they all made a lot of work anyway. Nathan happily worked on his animal adventure game, while Finbarr and Max were downloading stuff for their app.

        Javascript had the screen back this week and with Brian and Claudius we worked on some basic calculating programs.

        The HTML group with Ed were creating and working with databases.

        Finally, the projects group with Derek worked on different stuff including Collum who set a new website, and Ben, Patrick and Maciej all tested Harvey’s new chat software.

        That is all from this week. Don’t forget that Hello Bezlo is organising a fashion workshop next week and hour before CoderDojo starts, but the session will be held as usual. If anyone has a friend interested in fashion, please, bring them to the workshop! It is going to be great fun! 

see you next Saturday


CoderDojo 7th of November (by Finn)

Posted on November 8th, 2015

At today’s CoderDojo @ The Warehouse there was lots going on.


In the Scratch group- there were three new people, Siobhan and Rory who were working on a birthday cartoon, and Thady who was working on the first two tutorials and figuring out how to use Scratch. The rest of the group were making good progress.


In the MIT App inventor group- they were finished Rene’s slides so they were making their own apps.


In the JavaScript group- Mika and Jack made a website chat with HTML and JavaScript.


In the Python group- they were working on decrypting and encrypting messages, writing hangman and Fibonacci numbers.


In the HTML group- they were creating HTML pages for sign-in systems, form processing and installing files.


In the Projects  group- Harvey was working on a Christmas game app; Stephen was helping Jasper and was working on the CoderDojo xyz server; Jasper was working on some  electronics; Finbarr finished his dynamic Tetris game; Patrick worked on his website; Maciej was working with solid works.


Ed announced about Google’s “Call to Code” competition on the 25th of November for ages 13-18 year olds. Go to for more information.


We also had a visitor who is going to set up a CoderDojo in Beijing and came to see a good example of a CoderDojo, which is our CoderDojo @ The Warehouse!


Now we are looking forward to next week’s session!




Written by: Finn Howard


Posted on November 5th, 2015



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