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Coder Dojo Christmas Party @Zalando

Posted on December 14th, 2015

On Sat 12th Dec, we had the CoderDojo Christmas Party in Zalando!

When we arrived we were assigned to our teams. Brian and some of the other mentors had prepared a great quiz for us. We had a round on famous programmers and rounds on general knowledge and programming.

Then we had a game of Christmas Bingo followed by a Christmas Alphabet game.

Team 5 were the winners and they each won a Terry’s Chocolate Orange!

After the games, we had some food generously sponsored by Zalando – pizza, chicken, chips and boxes of chocolates  – thanks Deirdre and Zalando!!

Eurospar also kindly sponsored soft drinks and crisps for us – thanks Raquel and Barrow Street Eurospar!!

After the food, we played some computer games and then it was time to go home. It was a great party! Thanks to Eurospar, Zalando, all the mentors and the parents committee, especially Anna, Joan, Rob and Fiona for organising it all for us!

Finn H.

Coder Dojo @ the Warehouse #13 by Finn

Posted on December 7th, 2015

This week at CoderDojo @TheWarehouse….

SCRATCH- The beginners continued tutorials while the advanced people made Scratch play Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star at a specified time.

JAVASCRIPT- I made an online chat with Brian.

PYTHON- They did designing classes and raspberry pi with Seán.

HTML- They made a content management system which is based on PHP and created a simple routing system to be able to navigate between different views in application with Ed.

PROJECTS- They continued with their projects.

*Don’t forget the Christmas party next week!!!


Coder Dojo @ the Warehouse #12

Posted on December 1st, 2015

This week, as usual nowadays, was very busy. We had SEVEN new ninjas: Ferdia for App Inventor as well as Shane, Finn, Hector, Philip, Ruairí and Ciarán all for SCRATCH.

First of all, Benjamin made and awesome binary counter with an Arduino. He did code in App Inventor as well as C++. As soon as he opened the companion app on his phone he had a selection of colours as well as some cool effects.

Patrick, in front of him he also had an Arduino with a few lights. When he pressed when of the colours or effects the colours of the lights changed. The phone connected with the Arduino via Bluetooth.

Nicholas was also working with App Inventor (unfortunately there was no instructor this week). He was working on a nifty game which works similarly to the arcade game pong, only it has obstacles. But quoting Nicholas himself “It’s not really”.

Matthew was still working with Raspberry Pi and Odhrán was working on a game in Python. We can’t wait until that will be finished!

Sol who was a first-timer for HTML was making his way through the Sushi Katas and was making and index page for himself with links to other sites.

Because of the late overload of new people for SCRATCH most people were still just working their way through the official tutorials.

But not, Luke and Diarmid who already finished them ages ago and were doing video sensing. Luke made a basic video sensing program where you move a ball along the screen moving your body in front of the webcam.

We hope that all the new ninjas enjoyed themselves and will come next week.  Please note that in two weeks (that’s the session after the one the one this Saturday) there will be a Christmas party instead of a normal session and there will be a quiz. We hope that everyone will be able to come.

Also, for any new Scratchers that will join on the next session, we uploaded a tutorial on installing SCRATCH 2.0 for a YT channel:

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