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Coolest Projects 2015 by Mika

Posted on March 30th, 2016

Attending last year’s Coolest Projects was a spectacular experience!

As soon as they got there, all contestants recieved a t-shirt, a VIP pass and a lunch token. Then someone would show them where they were going to be showing their projects.

Coolest Projects 2015             Coolest Projects 2015

There were lots of rows of tables layed out. Every category had it’s own few rows. Each contestant was given one table (about 1 sq m) where they would present their project.

Coolest Projects 2015

In the middle of the room was a huge screen with the names of all of the contestants being shown in a continuos loop. It was great fun to look up every few minutes and see my name on there.


When the first judging began, 3 judges would go around to everybody’s project. One of the judges was just holding a 2 minute timer all the time and barely said anything, while it felt like the other two judges were playing ‘good cop, bad cop’ on you because one was constantly complimenting your project and one was constantly questioning it and asking why you didn’t do stuff differently, ect. Shortly after, the judges came again.

Coolest Projects 2015

After both judgings, everyone got a chance to have a look around. You could take look at other peoples’ projects or take a look at some of the companies that had a stand there. Some of my favourite stands included the TV one (I think it was Sky or UPC or something like that) which had a massive background with MARVEL’s Avengers which you could have a photo on and the McAfee one, which had a program that tracked hacker attacks all over the world. It was interesting to see just how many happen within mere seconds.


Upstairs there were also some science and technology stands, showing off cool stuff. There was a working 3D-printer as well as a virtual reality headset.

Coolest Projects 2015

You could also redeem your lunch token for an apple and a sandwich and if you were still hungry, there were some food tracks outside.

About a couple of hours later, the ceremony began. Everybody got a chance to go on the stage at some point a recieve something. Last year everybody got an orange ‘belt’ which was a really cool USB that you could put around your wrist.

2016-03-30 20.20.13               Coolest projects 2015

Every category also had several runner-ups and winners. Maciej and Harvey from our Dojo took first place in their categories and Stephen, Maebh and Eabha took second place in their categories.

Coolest Projects 2015

Harvey was winner in the Evolution category

Coolest Projects 2015 Maciej

Maciej was the winner in the Hardware category

Coolest projects 2015

Stephen was a runner up in the Evolution category

Coolest projects 2015

Maebh & Eabha were runners up in the Scratch category

But just before the winners were announced, the creator of Coderdojo went on for a quick speech.

Overall it was a really fun day. I am definitely looking forward to going again this year. 🙂

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