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CoderDojo @ The Warehouse #29

Posted on April 17th, 2016

A lot of things happened last Saturday over at Coderdojo @ the Warehouse.

First of all, Derek brought in his 3D printer to help Finbar with his project and he let other people also print some cool stuff out.

3D printing at Coder Dojo at teh Warehouse 2016-04-16 13.46.07 2016-04-16 15.26.42


Secondly, volunteers from Coolest Projects came to have a little talk explaining more or less what Coolest Projects is all about, to those who didn’t go last year and he answered some of the questions that people had for him. He also brought a working drone with him and let people have a go of steering it with his phone. It was very fun! Don’t forget that you can still register your project at! 🙂


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