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Li-Fi Project

Posted on May 23rd, 2016

Li-Fi is one of the projects submitted to Coolest Projects Awards 2016 by our Dojo.

Its author, Stephen, was a runner-up in the Evolution category of the competition last year for his Twitter platform that provides real-time information on public transport schedules for people around the world.

The project was even featured in The Irish Times!

This year’s project is also very ambitious. It is a model of a new system of the Internet signal transmission called Li-Fi. Instead of radio waves like in a normal Wi-Fi system, the medium transmitting data here is a flashing light.

The idea has been researched intensively by scientists. It is predicted that the technology will revolutionise the way the Internet infrastructure is built.  It will be especially useful for aviation and all the situations where using conventional routers is impossible. However, it is very likely that Li-Fi systems will replace Wi-Fi completely because transmission through light waves is much faster and safer than through radio waves.

Looks like Stephen is on the forefront of a technology revolution.

We keep our fingers crossed for his entry into Coolest Projects! 😀

Important Dates

Posted on May 16th, 2016

There will be no CoderDojo on the Bank Holiday Weekend, Sat June 4th, and Sat June 11th will be the last CoderDojo before the Summer Break.

We will start back in the new Zalando office in August.

Coolest Projects will be on June 18th and Brian encouraged everyone to enter. See their website for more details!

Next week the mentors will help everyone who would like to enter with registration and their project ideas. The closing date is Sunday the 22nd May.

Finn Howard

CoderDojo @The Warehouse #33

Posted on May 15th, 2016

Despite the unusually tropical weather in Dublin, over 30 people came to The Warehouse last Saturday, including two new mentors, Sebastian and Martin.

Most of the Ninjas worked on their projects submitted to Coolest Projects Awards.

The team of Julia, Patrick, Nathan and Moghammed worked on their sensing car.

android app sensing car

It is a very cool creation. The car is equipped with a sensor and a camera and controlled by an Android app. Lost your key, a remote or a hamster? No need to search around on your knees, just send the car for a mission and look at the camera feed on your phone. Smart!

Mika, Alex and Felim are working on a project on the Raspberry Pi. It is going to be a miniature, portable gaming console and they are even making their own games!

Raspberry Pi

There is also one Ninja in the Scratch group who entered the Coolest Projects Award. Charles joined our Dojo barely a few weeks ago but is already very advanced in Scratch coding. Looks like it is a true passion of his. He is doing a multilevel game for the competition. Good luck, Charles!

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will show off the rest of the projects.

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