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Coolest Projects 2016 by Mika

Posted on June 26th, 2016

Coolest Projects 2016

Just like last year, Coolest Projects was a great day. Many people from Coderdojo @ and the Warehouse and other dojos across Europe had very awesome projects.

We entered our project in the ‘Games’ category and some of the most outstanding projects from this category were a full arcade that someone built and a project that somebody made on the Oculus Rift.





Coolest Projects 2016

Presenting our project to a judge


After the judges came to see every project, there was some time to explore all of the booths. They ranged from virtual reality headsets to free slushies. Many companies such as Symantec, Aol. and Intel had their own booth. There were also a few science experiments there. For example, there was a lady showing how to make an explosion using tin foil and some other household items and a man showing how to make a piano with bananas.

The upstairs part was also full. There were some very old computers put on display there, but you could also have a go on them. They were extremely slow. There was another cool thing there. It was sort of like tuning fork and if you put a straw on it, put it into your mouth and bit into it, you could hear music.

There was also a very fun machine there which would tell you your ‘future’. You chose a date,  scanned your hand and it would print out a small piece of paper with whatever will happen to you in the future. Apparently, I am going to win the lottery.

Coolest Projects 2016


Later on, everybody from Coderdojo @ the Warehouse had a photo at the Zalando booth and about half an hour after that, the award ceremony started. At the ceremony 3 people from out dojo won a prize, i.e Harvey, Jasper and Ben.

Coolest Projects 2016

Ben, the runner up in the Web category


Coolest Projects 2016

Jasper, awarded with the Future Maker Award and a runner up in the Hardware category with his brother Harvey and their dad, Derek. Harvey got the Innovation Award and was also the runner up in the Evolution category.


Overall it was a very fun day for me and I think everybody else from Coderdojo @ the Warehouse who took part too. I hope to take part again next year and I cannot wait.

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